Dave Goodman is a drummer, composer, band leader, author & educator from Sydney, Australia specialising in jazz and new music. As well as leading his own band, the Dave Goodman Quartet, he is the drummer with some of Australia’s most important jazz ensembles - Ten Part Invention, the Kevin Hunt Trio, Warwick Alder’s Jazzgnostics and the Matt Keegan Trio. He has worked with a long list of luminaries - both Australian and international - including Joe Lovano, Bob Berg, Bernie McGann, James Morrison, Don Burrows, Vince Jones, Mike Nock and Mark Isaacs, and he also holds a PhD from Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney. Here you can find information about upcoming gigs & drum clinics, as well as finding out about new album and video lesson releases. If you'd like to keep in touch with Dave, please sign up to his mailing list and you'll also receive a free copy of his new track Entelechies.



July 2015 

Dear friends,
I hope you enjoyed June as much as I did! The fun, however, was not enjoyed without loss. The passing of Melbourne's Allan Browne - drummer, improviser, band leader and poet par excellence - cut deeply through Australia's jazz community.

I didn't know Allan all that well, but the ways that I knew him were particularly formative for me and my career. I first heard him play with late bassist Gary Costello on the sublime Paul Grabowsky trio album 6 x 3. And then my friend - the extraordinarily… Read more

June 2015 

Dear friends,
May brought with it the opportunity to once again ask the eternal question: "where does the apostrophe go?" Ella and I had a nice time celebrating a happy day for Ella's mummy, and I celebrating a happy day for my own mother, so I like to use the plural possessive to celebrate mothers everywhere in wishing them a happy Mothers' Day. I hope you and all the mums around you had a nice day too.

What's the latest?

New Track: Maitreya - Dave Goodman Solo
I have released a new track called MaitreyaRead more

May 2015 

Dear friends,
I hope you enjoyed April and that it was a successfully productive month for you. If you're in Sydney, I hope you weren't adversely affected by the recent storms.

I celebrated the completion of my 38th orbit around the Sun in late April, which means I've now lived in Sydney for 20 years. What a great time it is to be alive, and it's great to be in Sydney. Birthdays sure are interesting times for reflection, but the future is so perennially brimming with new possibility that I find I'm much… Read more

Will to open DRUMscene Live - Sydney 2015 

Twelve-year-old drummer extraordinaire Will Harpur will open the DRUMscene Live - Sydney 2015 show on Sunday 24 May 2015 from 2:30 PM with a ten-minute drum solo. He'll share the bill that day with some of the most esteemed and original drummers alive today: Jojo Mayer, Todd Sucherman, Jason Heerah, and Dom Famularo. Prior to commencing his drumset studies with me at The Drummers' Hub in 2014, Will was initially taught by his father Mal before spending a few years with Gordon Rytmeister.

I asked Frank… Read more

April 2015 

Dear friends,
I hope you're well, and that life is good for you. It's been an unprecedentedly productive and successful month for me, which has made me extremely busy with work. As such, I'm extremely grateful for being able to enjoy the understanding and support of my very loving family, whom I love very much. It was very nice to have my parents staying with us here in Sydney over the weekend, and it was great to just hang with them and relax for a couple of days.
There were many big events and… Read more

March 2015 

Dear friends,
I hope you, your friends and your families are well, and that life is good all around. Our gorgeous little Ella turned two years old in February. Patrice and I are still scratching our heads wondering how those two years slipped by so quickly. One thing's for sure, Ella certainly brings great perspective, clarity and joy to the purpose behind everything we do now, and we feel very privileged to be in the front seat, watching her grow into being more and more herself by the day, sometimes by… Read more

Download Dave's compelling new Zappa-Metheny-inspired track for free 

Dave is excited to announce that brand new track ‘Entelechies’ is now ready for the world’s ears. And, by way of thanking his growing fan base, he’s giving it away via free download to his mailing list subscribers.

"For a long time, I've wanted to create a platform that would allow me to give away some of my music to listeners,” Dave says. 

‘Entelechies’ is inspired by a number of sources – from Frank Zappa and Genesis to Vinnie Colaiuta and Pat Metheny. “I've been interested in playing drums along with my… Read more

Why jazz research is important 

I was invited by Drs Michael Webb and Christopher Coady to sit on a panel of eight Australian jazz PhDs at the inaugural Jazz Research Symposium, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Monday 8th December 2014. The following is the text from the five-minute talk I gave that day.
"Thank you very much Dr Webb. I’d like to begin by expressing my gratitude for the invitation to speak to this interesting community today. And I want to start by saying – in the words of Elvin Jones from 1979 – that 'this art form of jazz… Read more

Congratulations Abby! 

Drummer Abby Constable (pictured below) from Barker College, a student taking regular private lessons with me at The Drummers' Hub for the past two years, has been awarded a scholarship to return to the Jazz Workshop Australia 2016 Jazz Camp. Abby was selected from amongst a cohort of around 80 enthusiastic learners on a wide variety of jazz instruments at this year's camp.

Jazz Camp drum teacher and musical director John Morrison had this to say:

"For over 30 years the Sydney Jazz Camps have been a mecca for… Read more


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Steve Barry Trio

Venue 505, 280 Cleveland St, Surry Hills, NSW, Australia

Winner of the Bell Award for Young Australian Jazz Artist of the Year and runner up in the National Jazz Awards, Steve Barry has forged a reputation as a formidable pianist, composer and improviser since moving to Sydney from New Zealand. Tonight he premiers new trio music inspired by recent travels in Europe and India and his current doctoral studies in composition at the Sydney Conservatorium.

Steve Barry - piano Max Alduca - bass Dave Goodman - drums

Also performing: Hieronymus Trio "Trio sounds great. Look forward to hearing a lot more of you guys (and gal)" - Mike Nock Having been mentored by esteemed artists including Ari Hoenig, John Riley, Aaron Goldberg, Craig Scott, Simon Barker and Matt McMahon, members of the Hieronymus trio are emerging as distinguished voices in the newest generation of Australian jazz artists. Together, Nick Henderson (bass), Oli Nelson (drums) and Emma Stephenson (piano) have worked hard to develop a collaborative rhythmic language. Their improvisations and arrangements are infused with sophisticated intensity, creating a unique and engaging listening experience.


Andy Fiddes Trio

Foundry 616, 616 Harris St, Ultimo, NSW 2007, Australia

8:00pm Andy Fiddes Trio Go-FiCa (gõ-fikär) -.. .- …- . .— .- — .. . .- -. -.. .- -. -.. -.– .–. .-.. .- -.– .- -. -.. . -..- .–. .-.. — .-. . – …. . -.. . . .–. . … – -.. .- .-. -.- . … – -.. . .–. – …. … — ..-. .-. …. -.– – …. — .- -. -.. .. -. – . .-. .–. .-.. .- -.– .-.-.- -.-. — — .–. — … .. – .. — -. … .–. ..- .-.. .-.. . -.. ..-. .-. — — – …. . — — … – .-. . — — – . .-. . -.-. . … … . … — ..-. .- -. -.. -.– .—-. … .–. … -.– -.-. …. . .-.-.- .- -. .- -.. …- . -. – ..- .-. . – — -… . … ..- .-. . .-.-.- Come on down!!

Andy Fiddes – trumpah Dave Goodman – drums left Jamie Cameron – drums right

9:30pm David Groves Quintet After a successful launch last year, Groves’ quintet is back with a renewed vision for 2015. The band’s emphasis on lyrical melody and lush harmony remains firmly intact, while Groves’ recent studies in 20th century classical music as part of his Master’s degree have informed new tonal and rhythmic areas of exploration. Above all, communication and unity of intention are the vision for this upcoming quintet, which features some of the finest young players on the Sydney scene. The performance will feature excerpts from the suite written last year especially for the band, as well as some new compositions drawing on influences from Bartok to Bill Evans.

David Groves – bass Simon Ferenci – trumpet Evan Harris – sax Steve Barry – piano Cameron Reid – drums


Dave Goodman Quartet

 —  —

The Sound Lounge in The Seymour Centre, Corner of City Rd and Cleveland St, Chippendale NSW

Jazz critic John Clare has described Dave Goodman as “one of the most intriguing drummers recording anywhere”. After 20 years honing his craft, he is, undoubtedly, one of Australia’s most important jazz drummers. Of this new and much anticipated quartet Goodman says, “The first time we played together was as magical and mystical as though it were a dream come true.’ Together they highlight the unique melodic richness of Goodman’s compositional style.

Dave Goodman (drums) Peter J Koopman (guitar) Matt McMahon (piano) Cameron Undy (bass)

This performance is presented in association with Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA).

$20/$15/$10 (Non-SIMA-Member/SIMA Member/Student) book online using the link below, or call 9351 7940

Under 18s permitted under responsible adult supervision.


Ten Part Invention

Foundry 616, 616 Harris St, Ultimo, NSW 2007, Australia

Warwick Alder (trumpet), Miroslav Bukovsky (trumpet & flugelhorn), James Greening (trombone), Andrew Robson (alto saxophone), Sandy Evans (tenor saxophone), Matt Ottignon (tenor saxophone & flute), Paul Cutlan (baritone saxophone), Paul McNamara (piano), TBA (double bass), Dave Goodman (drums)

Age limit: 18+ or w/adult